Certified School Nurse- RN

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Certified School Nurse- RN
Job Summary : The Certified School Nurse (CSN) is responsible for coordinating, collaborating, planning for, and, in most cases, providing direct services to ensure that the school district's health program, as defined by the Pennsylvania School Code, School District Policies, and the PA Dept. of Health Division of School Health Regulations is carried out according to the specifics in the Law (Mandated programs) and within the parameters established for approved Modified programs. Mandated School Health Programs may be modified, (with Department of Health Approval), based on identified local health needs with a plan established and recommended by the Local Advisory School Health Board and concurred with by the District Superintendent.
The goals of the CSN position are to maintain and/or improve the health status of students, thus enabling them to profit fully from their educational experiences; and, to promote optimum health status and lifestyles for all students through the joint efforts of the home, school and community.
Qualifications :
1. Current PA Registered Nurse license
2. Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (BSN)
3. Certification as Educational Specialist by PA DOE
4. CPR/AED certification
5. Background/experience preferred in pediatric nursing, community health nursing, critical care nursing, medical-surgical nursing and/or emergency room nursing.
6. Knowledge of current Child Abuse Law
7. Required Act 48 continuing education coursework for Nursing license and Education Specialist II Certificate
8. Required State and Federal clearances
Duties Performed :
A Certified School Nurse's caseload may fluctuate as needs increase/decrease.
A Certified School Nurse:
1. Develops and maintains a comprehensive school health services program for students, following the guidelines of the PA School Code, PA DOH Regulations, the Division of School Health guidelines, PA DOE Regulations, and school district policies.
1. Assists with school administrators, school physicians, and dentists in planning and organizing the school health program. Consults with school administrators to establish, review and revise policy and procedures for a comprehensive school health program. Schedules dental and physical exams. (23.71)
2. Provides up-to-date information for use of school personnel on such subjects as the growth and development pattern of children, first aid practice, accident prevention, communicable disease regulations and assists in evaluating the content material used for health teaching, and offer assistance in providing sources of information. (23.75)
3. Uses data collected to help plan and evaluate the school health program. (Regs. 23.75)
4. May serve on district advisory health councils. (14-1422 Code)
5. Ensures that reports required by the school district; PA Dept. of Health, Div. Of School Health; and PA Dept. of Education are properly prepared and forwarded.
1. Provides direct services to students, using the nursing process to provide care to the school community in accordance with current medical practice and nursing standards, relevant statutes, and regulations.
1. Performs and/or oversees mandated screenings and completes referrals and follow-up where applicable.
2. Manages and controls acute and chronic disease. Carries out policies and procedures for the control of communicable diseases, in collaboration with the PA Department of Health.
3. Provides first aid for illness or injury to students and documents nursing assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
4. May establish health care plans for students with special health care needs and update them as needed.
5. Reviews and monitors student immunization status. Makes appropriate referrals to up-date immunizations when indicated.
6. Provides health teaching and counseling.
7. Maintains comprehensive health records on each child and records of school nursing services (23.72).
8. Assists in interpreting the health needs of individual children to parents and teachers and assists families in utilizing community resources for improving the health of their children (23.74).
9. Administers medications and performs procedures according to physician orders and school district policies and procedures. Ensures physician orders for individual student medications and/or treatments comply with requirements for administration.
10. Informs teachers of health conditions of pupils which may affect behavior, appearance or scholastic performance (14-1406 Code).
2. Facilitates an organized system of coordinated care for students.
1. Collaborates with agencies within and outside of the school community to insure continuity of service and care of students, including working with private physicians and dentists to coordinate private medical and dental examinations with the school program (23.78).
2. Identifies high risk children to needed services, including students presenting with signs of child abuse
3. May actively participate as a member of Suicide Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Smoking Cessation programs or activities.
4. May actively participate in the Student Assistance Program; Child Study Team; individual education program meetings for exceptional students with medical or developmental problems; Chapter 14 and 15 review and evaluation teams; and/or provide information to these teams as required.
3. Promotes a safe and healthy school environment.
1. Plans with school administrative, maintenance and sanitation personnel for the environmental needs of the school group, and advises school officials of environmental adjustment necessary to meet the needs of physically challenged individuals. (23.76)
2. Plans for first aid services and instructs personnel responsible for giving first aid. (23.79)
3. Directs the health service's staff to facilitate the school health program.
4. Applies appropriate nursing theory and evidence-based practice as the basis for decision making in the school setting. Contributes to the body of school nurse knowledge through participation in needs assessments and/or research.
5. Serves as resource person to facilitate learning of positive health and wellness behaviors for students and staff.
6. May arrange for or teach in-service programs for school personnel in first aid, emergency care procedures and current health issues.
7. Promotes good safety practices, both within and outside of school buildings. May serves as a member of Safe School Committee(s).
8. Assists in budget preparation by advising the school administrator in preparing a budget for the health program and facilities, and shall advise him on the financial needs for a program (23.77).
Competency Attainment : The CSN reports to the person designated by the chief school administrator, as well as to the Education Director of the schools she/he is assigned.
Work Schedule : The CSN, a member of the bargaining unit, is bound by the provisions of the contract regarding working hours, lunchtime, and personal time/planning time.
Please provide the following:
Letter of interest
Copy of certifications
Act 34, Act 151, and FBI clearances
Arrest/Conviction Form
Health & TB Clearance
Employee: Date:
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed.
They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities duties and skills required of personnel so classified.
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Date: 2014-06-17
Country: US
State: PA
City: Allentown
Postal Code: 18104
Job Type: Part Time Regular

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