Loadmaster - ABE

Travels to off-line stations and performs and/or supervises contract personnel's performance of duties relating to the loading/unloading of aircraft and cargo handling. Ensures that aircraft and cargo handling meet all company and governmental policies and regulations and that customers receive quality service.
Monitors and/or performs aircraft loading/unloading, aircraft movement, employee and contractor safety, HAZMAT placement and reporting and pallet build-up. Identifies and rectifies problems.
Analyzes necessary information to determine load plans.
Complies information and calculates weight and balance.
Reviews cargo documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness and corrects inaccurate and/or incomplete information. Communicates serious or recurring issues to management.
Maintains current passport and travels to off-line stations.
Ensures safety of company aircraft and crews by:
preventing aircraft damage;
ensuring proper loading, including nets and locks;
ensuring HAZMAT is handled correctly, including loading and paperwork.
Develops and distributes load plans.
Determines aircraft weight and balance.
Adheres to and ensures that contractors adhere to company and governmental safety and other applicable regulations and procedures.
Performs tasks and ensures that personnel at off-line stations perform tasks for aircraft to arrive and depart as scheduled.
Runs main deck controls for aircraft loading/unloading of cargo.
Monitors contract personnel's compliance with pallets/nets/straps procedures and ensures that appropriate number of pallets/nets/straps are returned.
Completes and/or maintains company reports, messages, files, logs and forms and ensures that necessary paperwork (e.g. Customs) is completed.
Performs other duties as assigned.
High school or equivalent work experience.
Applies understanding of aircraft positions and heights and aircraft weight limitations.
Applies comprehensive knowledge of operating equipment.
Knows and adheres to company operating and safety policies, operations, processes and procedures appropriate to the job.
Understands and uses air freight and flight terminology and processes.
Airline cargo and ground handling experience is required.
Airline weight and balance is required.
Proof of IATA/ICAO hazardous material experience is required.
Ability to relocate as needed

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