Warehouse Associate

Warehouse Associate
Location: Allentown, PA, United States
Job # 8434934
Date Posted: 11-21-2016
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Warehouse Assistant
Allentown, PA 18106
Pay Rate: $13/hr
Hours: Full Time in Mornings: M-F 8am-4:30pm
Contract to Hire Position
Job Duties:
+ Unloading of goods delivered.
+ Check that goods advised match goods rec d, check PO for qty s and due date.
+ Book onto the system, batch each box as required, pass samples and paperwork to Inspection.
+ Put goods away to picking or pallet locations or transfer to boxing or subcontract operations.
+ Confirm receipt of any documentation accompanying the delivery e.g. material cert, test cert. etc.
+ Repackaging of bulk product into smaller quantities to comply with the companies or customer requirements.
+ To fill boxing machine hoppers as necessary (waste management).
+ Print labels as required (batch number).
+ Move boxed goods to designated storage locations.
+ Produce dispatch notes, picking lists and labels, as necessary.
+ Resolve discrepancies noted when picking.
+ Advise line manger of potential stock outs.
+ Confirm items picked correspond to the items described on the note.
+ Pack items to ensure they remain secure and undamaged to their destination.
+ Arrange for the issue of certification as detailed on the picking note.
+ Ensure that similar size parts from different manufacturers sent out in a single consignment are packed to retain their identity and segregation.
+ Load goods for dispatch onto transport within deadlines
+ Continually check for damaged labels and request replacements as necessary.
+ Cover for envoys as and when required, subject to relevant licences held.
Skills Desired:
+ Customer Service
+ Results focused
+ Communication Skills
+ Decision Making
+ Drive CPC
+ HGV License
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